French bulldogs require c-section delivery

By | February 9, 2016

Bulldogs reproduce in a very tedious way. These breeds have problem in whelping their babies and normal deliveries are not common. Bullies have European bases and they have broad faces, small hips and sturdier appearances.

The delivery of puppies is never preferred normally for Frenchies as they withstand excessive amount of stress and puppies might get trouble in getting out of the mother’s womb in a normal way. There are many fatal cases of puppies and the babies might get stresses in normal delivery. There is weakening of uterus, which can be harmful for the mother French bulldog. Stretched uterus can tear open with pressure of large babies and can even cause death of female. C-section is done for the puppies and female dogs for their protection and safety.

Much negativity of female normal deliveries occurs for French bulldogs. There can be infection introduced in the body of females and uterus could be removed; which can be the worst thing for her. Risk is never preferred and you can suggest doctors to take c-section delivery for French female dogs. The female dogs are bred according to their ovulation period and it is also done artificially by insemination process.

French bulldogs require c-section delivery

Labor is actually noticed by decreased rectal temperature. Doctors examine the temperature several times a day and the drop is anticipated for labor. It is reliable indication and the temperature goes up and gets dropped gradually. C-section is usually done when the temperature becomes 98 or less. Your dog will give you signals for everything and you need to pick them up to get good going. The incisions are taken on appropriate location and the tissues are torn in such a way that they can heal easily. Uterus and outer skin walls are stitched for excluding any scars. The uterus is carefully examined on every delivery and if it doesn’t show up too well, the female is no more bred. A female can produce 2-5 babies at one time.