General habits of French bullies

By | February 9, 2016

French bulldogs are little clowns and you will love their appearance. The dogs are cute having round eyes, flat nose & forehead and awesome appearance. They can play rigorously with their toys or in a park. The dogs can be well mannered, if you give them good training. They can initiate new games and go too sweet while playing them.

French bulldogs don’t bark much. They are the dogs having quiet nature, but love their dogs and even the company of other pets. They can grab, snatch, wrestle and even gnaw with other dogs. Frenchies have a lazy nature and hence, they get tired very soon. It is due to their facial structure also that they require several naps in a day. Their flat noses and forehead makes them weak respirators and they can’t handle stressful conditions. These dogs look like terriers and even pigs; but only the people not aware about them think about such things.

General habits of French bullies

French bulldogs don’t bark quite often. These breeds can warn family members about any outsider, but they are not thief catchers. They snuggle up to owners and get happy to see them. They love to watch TV and computer screen by sitting close to you. They even kiss and pamper their owners, which makes them loving companions. French bulldogs are best dogs having great love for people. The dogs are too friendly and enjoy relationship with other pets and people. The look is aggressive than their personality and in some countries, they are used to show steady appearance of the pet.

The face of male frenchie is like a clown and that of female dog is like a bossy female. You should know about the dog well before bringing them home. The dogs can be purchased from breeders or taken from rescue centers.