Why natural delivery is not easy for French bulldogs?

By | February 9, 2016

French bulldogs are delicate dogs due to their body structure and they can’t bear stresses. There are many surveys carried out for these dogs and the fact is that c-section deliveries for them are far higher than natural procedures for birth. The reason is that labor requires stress and tolerance and it is not feasible to apply so much of effort by French bullies during this phase.

The c-section rate for other breeds is not too high. Most breeds have lower rate of cesareans, but the case is opposite with French bulldogs. They have big heads and the pelvic canal of mother becomes incapable to deliver them naturally. It is inherited characteristic from their ancestors. The difficulty in birth gives suffering to mother and involves a lot of pain. Surgical procedures are painful, but they are not life threatening. C-section deliveries in certain breeds are unavoidable and chosen for animal welfare issue.Why natural delivery is not easy for French bulldogs

The trend towards c-sections can be reversed for some breeds. The parental history should be given to the next breeders and they should be informed if the offsprings were produced with c-section or normal procedure. Over a period of years, easy birth dogs will bring reduction in cesarean rates and correspond to normal deliveries for dogs. It is essential to take care of the dog after delivery. Even if it is normal or c-section, the dog should be given all the necessary things and there need to be proper food and vaccination given to the dogs at the time of birth.

Birth of the dog is always a great experience for the owner or breeder. You need to be more affectionate to the new mother and give her all the rest after facing the pain of delivery. It is always a great opportunity for the dogs to grow the number of their breeds.